The Last Artifact | Redefining the weight of the world
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The General Conference on Weights and Measures

redefining the weight of the world

What is


It affects every aspect of our lives from the moment we are born, to the food we eat, the cars we drive, and the medicines we take. This object has helped send men to the moon, and satellites into space. It is an object unlike any other, the last of its kind. A literal constant in an ever-changing world, and the weight by which all others are measured. But, in 2018 all this will change. This remarkable object will be resigned to history. It will be redefined.

This is the story of how it came to be, how it came to pass, and what the future holds. This is the story of The Last Artifact.


Jaime Jacobsen

Jaime Jacobsen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work explores the intersection of cultural identity, science and art. Jaime’s most recent film, Finding Traction (2015), was distributed on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, screened in 26 countries around the globe, and won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Northwest region), in addition to four international awards.  She also won an Emmy Award for her work as a Field Producer on Indian Relay (2013), which aired on PBS’ Independent Lens, screened at the Smithsonian, and was scheduled for over 900 broadcasts across the United States.  In January 2017 she was awarded a grant to co-produce and direct a new feature-length documentary, The Last Artifact, which is scheduled for international release in 2019.


Ed Watkins

Ed is an award winning producer and director specializing in high-end science, natural history, and adventure documentaries. His films have aired on PBS, the BBC, BBC Worldwide, Channel 5, NOVA, National Geographic, NatGeo Wild, Discovery Networks, CuriosityStream and Amazon Prime, and numerous international regional broadcasters.

His most recently broadcast film was “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places” which won the 2017 News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction.


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